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狂揽1.1亿美元B轮融资,Orchard Therapeutics想要在ADA-SCID的基因疗法成功掘金。

豪迈买下Kindred Healthcare,医疗保险公司Humana大举进军患者服务!

私募融资 & IPO

1. 专业资本,宏大手笔——华盖资本等助推中国最大医药线上流通平台融贯电商C1轮融资



Rogrand secures several hundreds of millions CNY for Series C1 - source

Dec 21, 2017

Rogrand (Rong Guan Dian Shang), a privately held Beijing, China-based digital medical service company, has raised several hundreds of millions of CNY (tens of millions of USD) for its Series C1, which will close soon, a source familiar with the situation said. The funding was led by Healthcare Fund of HG Partners, a Beijing-based venture capital firm focusing on TMT, Culture, and healthcare investment, Ping An Ventures, the VC arm of Ping An Group, and an existing shareholder, the source said. Other existing shareholders, Trustbridge Partners and Fosun RZ Capital, also invested in this round, he added. Rogrand will use the proceeds to further improve its R&D ability and develop new service products, expand its market share and enhance its working efficiency, the source said. The company’s founder, President and CEO Yao Xiaofei, currently holds the biggest stake in the company, followed by institutional shareholders including Trustbridge, Ping An Ventures, Fosun RZ and some local VCs, according to public information from the local commercial bureau. Established in 2012, Rogrand is now one of the biggest pharmaceutical e-commerce platforms in China and operates, an online B2B pharmaceuticals transaction platform, the source said. The platform connects pharmaceutical companies and drug distributors around China to facilitate the distribution of drug products online. It also operates, an online and offline mobile app that provides information on over 30,000 drug retail stores to help customers better select and purchase drug products. It also provides online consulting services for customers and advertisement services for retail stores. Meanwhile, Rogrand is also developing new platforms focusing on the smart management of pharmacies and clinics through an advanced IT system, for which part of the Series C1 proceeds will also fund, according to the source. Through these platforms, Rogrand provides its services to over 100 pharmaceutical companies, more than 1,500 pharmaceuticals distributors, and 150,000 drug stores, medical institutions and clinics. It had CNY 22.4bn (USD 3.4bn) online trading value in 2016, and expects to double the figure this year.

Source: Mergermarket, Rogrand

2. 狂揽1.1亿美元B轮融资,Orchard Therapeutics想要在ADA-SCID的基因疗法成功掘金

概要:位于英国的生物科技公司Orchard Therapeutics近日宣布成功获得B轮融资约1.1亿美元,用于研发针对ADA-SCID(重症联合免疫缺陷)的基因疗法的最后阶段临床试验。此轮融资由Baillie Gifford和ORI Capital共同领投。Orchard于去年5月成立,当时已有3300万美元风投资金,公司领导队伍里有曾经在GSK开发ADA-SCID基因疗法Strimvelis的老将。GSK在此前已经于欧洲获得了ADA-SCID的基因疗法的批准,但是迟迟等到批准一年后才有了第一次商业化使用,部分原因可能在于其患者需要去意大利米兰寻求治疗,在地理位置上限制了客源流动。在一边静观其变的Orchard计划吸取对手的教训,在多个地方推出其治疗,并用筹得的部分资金扩大产能。同时,因为欧洲每年仅有15名左右的ADA-SCID患者,Orchard也计划在全球其他地区如美国等开设更多分部,从而为更多患者打开大门。


Orchard raises $110M to bring gene therapy to market

Dec 20, 2017

Orchard Therapeutics has positioned itself to join the commercial-stage gene therapy club with a $110 million series B round. The investment gives Orchard the financial firepower to take its gene therapy against adenosine deaminase severe combined immunodeficiency (ADA-SCID) through the final stage of clinical development and onto the market. Baillie Gifford and ORI Capital co-led the round. Singaporean wealth fund Temasek and Cowen Healthcare Investments also made significant new investments. And a clutch of other existing and new financiers including Juda Capital, F-Prime Capital and UCL Technology Fund also chipped into the series B. The closing of the round continues Orchard’s rapid rise. Orchard surfaced in May 2016, at which time it had $33 million in venture funding, leaders who worked on GlaxoSmithKline’s ADA-SCID gene therapy Strimvelis and a clinical-phase rival to the Big Pharma’s product. Now, Orchard’s treatment for ADA-SCID—the immunodeficiency known colloquially as bubble boy syndrome—is powering through late-phase development. The series B gives Orchard the money to wrap up the study and, if the level of immune reconstitution seen in early development is achieved again, bring it to market. GSK already has approval to sell its ADA-SCID gene therapy in Europe but has achieved minimal commercial traction, only landing its first commercial use a year after approval. The introduction of Strimvelis was hampered by the need for patients to go to Milan for treatment. Orchard, having seen its rival’s struggles, is planning to make its therapy available from multiple sites. Some of the cash is earmarked for adding manufacturing capacity. With ADA-SCID affecting about 15 patients a year in Europe, Orchard will need to look beyond that indication and its home continent. The startup has operations in California and once held aspirations to become the first company to win approval for a gene therapy in the U.S. Getting the ADA-SCID gene therapy, OTL-101, past the FDA would open up a market free from even GSK’s lackluster competition.

Source: FierceBiotech


1. 豪迈买下Kindred Healthcare,医疗保险公司Humana大举进军患者服务

概要:美国医疗保险巨头Humana和TPG、Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe两家PE近日同意以40亿美元买下家庭医疗和长期护理运营商Kindred Healthcare,从而继续拓展患者服务业务。Humana是美国第四大医疗保险公司,在此次交易中将支付8亿美元买下Kindred的40%股份,从而获得Kindred的4万医护人员资源以及每天130万名患者的客源。


Humana, private-equity firms buy Kindred Healthcare for $4 billion

Dec 19, 2017

U.S. health insurer Humana and two private-equity firms agreed to buy home health-care and long-term care operator Kindred Healthcare on Tuesday for about $4 billion, the latest expansion by a U.S. health insurer into patient care. Humana, TPG Capital, and Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe will pay $9 per share in cash for the home health-care provider and hospice operator, a 4.7 percent premium over the stock's Friday close, and split the company into two parts. Humana, the fourth-largest U.S. health insurer, will pay $800 million for a 40 percent stake in Kindred at Home, which will contain Kindred's 40,000 caregivers that serve about 130,000 patients daily. It will not have a stake in the second Kindred unit, which will contain long-term acute care and rehabilitation assets.

Source: Reuters & CNBC

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