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私募融资 & IPO

1. 免疫疗法正在塑造下一代明星项目!Pionyr狂揽6200万美元B轮投资

概要:成立于2015年、位于美国旧金山的免疫疗法初创公司Pionyr近期宣布B轮成功融资6200万美元,用于研究肿瘤微环境的抗体。该公司拥有数个临床前抗体项目,其中两个专攻的实体瘤项目即将进入临床试验审批环节,旨在运用“骨髓调谐”(myeloid tuning)技术以平衡肿瘤微环境,提升骨髓瘤细胞的免疫激活作用。此轮投资由New Enterprise Associates领投,Sofinnova Ventures和Vida Ventures跟投,之前投资方如OrbiMed、SV Health Investors、Osage University Partners和Mission Bay Ventures也参与了投资。随着新一笔资金的注入,该公司的估值已跃升至7200万美元。该公司的CEO和联合创始人Max Krummel博士自上世纪90年代中期以来逐渐成为肿瘤免疫领域的翘楚人物,曾是百时美施贵宝(Bristol-Myers Squibb)的首个免疫检查点抑制剂Yervoy (ipilimumab)的发现者之一。在他和其他业界老将的带领下,Pionyr立志成为“继免疫检查点抑制剂和CAR-T之后的新一代肿瘤免疫学疗法公司”。


Pionyr Immunotherapeutics gains meaty $62M series B

Dec 13, 2017

California startup Pionyr is using $62 million of VC-backed funding to target antibodies in the tumor microenvironment.

The early-stage, San Francisco-based biotech has a batch of preclinical antibody programs, two of which are nearing IND-enabling studies targeting solid tumors. These programs are directed at myeloid tuning in the tumor micro environment. The new cash boost sees the company's overall money raised swell to $72 million since 2015. The series B is led by New Enterprise Associates and includes Sofinnova Ventures and Vida Ventures, along with Pionyr’s existing investors: OrbiMed, SV Health Investors, Osage University Partners and Mission Bay Ventures. Pionyr's tech, myeloid tuning, is designed to rebalance the tumor micro environment to favor immune-activating myeloid cells over immune-suppressing myeloid cells. This activity is believed to enhance antitumor efficacy, particularly in combination with checkpoint inhibition.

The biotech also said this tech can help predict checkpoint inhibitor responsiveness, which could hint at future tie-ups with PD-1 and PD-L1 drugs (with two of its staffers having already worked on Yervoy and Keytruda). Krummel has been a pioneer in immuno-oncology since the mid-1990s and was one of the inventors behind Bristol-Myers Squibb’s first checkpoint inhibitor Yervoy (ipilimumab). The biotech said its aim is to create the “next generation of immuno-oncology therapeutics after checkpoint inhibitors and CAR-T.”

Source: FierceBiotech


1. 买买买不停!人口健康云管理公司VitalHealth已加入飞利浦的年终购物车

概要:飞利浦近期宣布收购基于云平台的人口健康管理公司VitalHealth,交易金额未予透露。VitalHealth总部位于荷兰,其产品和服务被美国、印度、中国、瑞典、德国、比利时和荷兰等多个国家的共计100个医疗服务网络使用。随着这一交易的完成,飞利浦旗下将充实移动医疗应用、医疗协作平台、患者信息和数据整合等服务。VitalHealth的CEO Laurens van der Tang表示十分高兴能够加入飞利浦的大家庭,并有信心成为全球人口健康管理公司中无可争议的第一名。这家公司于2006年由Mayo Clinic和Dutch Noaber Foundation共同创立,共有200多名员工。


Philips acquires cloud-based pop health co VitalHealth

Dec 11, 2017

Royal Philips (NYSE:PHG) said last Friday it acquired cloud-based population health management company VitalHealth for an undisclosed amount. The new acquisition, also headquartered in the Netherlands, produces products and services used by more than 100 healthcare networks globally in countries including the US, India, China, Sweden, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. “We are delighted and proud to become part of Philips. It will accelerate our mission to enable better health for millions of people around the world. Our digital health solutions are highly complementary to the ones that Philips provides. Together, we have the potential to become the undisputed global leader in population health management. This is a very positive development for VitalHealth’s customers and employees,” VitalHealth CEO Laurens van der Tang said in a press release. VitalHealth was founded in 2006 by the Mayo Clinic and the Dutch Noaber Foundation and employees approximately 200 individuals. The acquisition will add VitalHealth’s portfolio of telehealth applications and its care coordination platform for care providers which is designed to integrate patient information across care settings and aggregate data from disparate information systems, Philips said.

Source: MassDevice


1. 新一期CAR-T战报!吉列德YESCARTA的长期利好数据出炉,然而“很好”有多好?

概要:在上周日的美国血液学协会年会(ASH)上,吉列德(Gilead)宣布旗下CAR-T药物YESCARTA已产生较好的长期数据。在注射后15.4个月(中位数)时,YESCARTA对于42%的有就医历史的非霍奇金淋巴瘤患者仍然有效,且40%持续表现出完全缓解的状态。由于今年6月吉列德公布的数据是注射YESCARTA的8.7个月之后获得的,而最新数据和前者相比没有明显变化,因此投资银行Leerink Partners的分析师表示应当看好吉列德的CAR-T表现。而且, 最新试验中的局部反应越来越多地转化为完全缓解。但是这是否表明YESCARTA能够借此登上CAR-T市场顶峰呢?一切还是未知数。有力竞争者包括诺华的Kymriah,它专攻一种特殊的急性淋巴性白血病,于在今年8月取得了的批准,成为CAR-T药物中的首例。


ASH: Long-term CAR-T data look good for Gilead—but good enough to top its rivals?

Dec 11, 2017

ATLANTA—Gilead got a boost over the weekend with some positive longer-term data on closely watched CAR-T drug Yescarta. But whether it’s enough to elevate the drug over its competitors remains to be seen. Sunday at the American Society of Hematology (ASH) annual meeting, the Big Biotech rolled out results showing that at a median 15.4 months after Yescarta infusion, 42% of previously treated non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma patients were still responding to the therapy, and 40% continued to show complete responses. The data set marks an update on results presented in June with a median duration of 8.7 months, and “should be viewed positively, since the updated dataset demonstrates very minimal change in the number of ongoing responses at 15 months duration,” Leerink Partners analyst Geoffrey Porges wrote in a note to clients. And what’s more, partial responders continued converting to complete responders as far as 15 months post-infusion. As Porges put it, Yescarta’s “durability excites us,” but it’s still “too early to pick a winner” among the CAR-T treatments competing in the non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma arena. Novartis’ Kymriah, which won the class’ first approval in August as a treatment for a rare form of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, is also in the game with a new lymphoma filing, as is Juno candidate JCAR017.

"We believe there are still outstanding questions regarding the competitive profiles among” the three drugs, Porges wrote, adding that he wouldn’t yet make adjustments to his Yescarta sales forecast for that reason. Gilead is counting on Yescarta—a recent pickup from its $12 billion-buyout of Kite Therapeutics—to give its top-line a much-needed boost as its hepatitis C therapies flag. In October, the company—whose hep C sales have been freefalling for some time—tweaked its guidance downward, warning of tough times ahead for the franchise. Gilead won FDA approval for Yescarta back in October—following Novartis into the field—and priced Yescarta at $373,000 for a one-time treatment. Novartis' Kymriah, which won its initial nod in pediatric and young adult patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, costs $475,000 per treatment. Still, Novartis is also going after a use in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, which would set up a direct showdown with Gilead in certain patients if approved. CAR-T drugs are made of a patient's own cells that are removed from the body, reengineered and injected back into the patient to recognize and destroy cancers. Aside from the scientific complexities involved are manufacturing and logistical challenges.

Source: FiercePharma


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